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Thread: Getting Rid of Default Track Sound When in Locomotive Cab!?

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    Quote Originally Posted by slipperman View Post
    Hi Vern,
    A few years ago I was hoping to get permission to release the RailWaves Track Sounds and tried to contact Tom Williams of Alpha Two Five Ltd (= I found his original 'phone number, but he'd moved on!!

    If it's of any interest, the complete RailWaves track sounds are included in the West Somerset Railway add-on.

    Those are securely backed up on several CD's and DVD's.

    I also think Mid East Plus (which I'm currently driving now to take my mind off the godawful numbers today) has a custom default track sound for the sms in the route, according to the readme so if anyone has that, they could copy across.

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    Comments noted, thanks.

    Yes, I am (now) aware that the wav files can be safely deleted provided the associated sms files are edited to remove references to those deleted wav files.

    I think the quickest way around this in the meantime is to just edit sms files and remove references to their associated wav files. That is what I have done, and no longer have the annoying default " . . clink clunk" sound!

    I'll consider using alternative track sounds, but for the moment I'm happy to hear just the engine sound with little else added!

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