While my Virginian route is out for checking by a very experienced checker (Lukas) to see what the
problem might be that burps MSTS but not ORTS or TSRE and before I get an expected route to
check myself, I have started one that could be released as stand alone, or to start another route.
I am not going to detail it heavily and so at some point I will put it in the "incomplete" category of
the library.

Nashville (TN) terminal. I am doing it from track charts that are 20 years old, but also using
Google Earth images from 4/2018, so for example, the industrial area near Thompson Lane that
was once served by rail, will not have sidings. Although the main line turnout is in place, the
tracks out from it are gone. Can't tell from the image, but the points may have been "straight
railed", usually a cheap step taken before the more expensive process of removing the
turnout. I also won't include the Nashville & Eastern other than where it connects to the CSX
line, and like wise the Nashville & Western. CSX limits are Amqui to Brentwood, via the main
line or the Radnor cutoff, Sellers to downtown (Memphis line), & Danley Siding to downtown
(Chattanooga line).

During this enforced "stay at home" I've got a lot more time than usual to do this, as well as
the usual needed yard work. The way it looks too, I probably won't make it out to the C&TS
to do my volunteer work until fall, when I had already scheduled 2 weeks.

This terminal route will be used to start at least 2, possibly 3, other routes. However, I do
not plan to do the Nashville-Birmingham, or Nashville-Memphis lines, so if anyone would
want to do those, they could use this route as part of it. And if anyone wanted to do the
Nashville & Eastern (or Western), both parts of the old Tennessee Central, they might also
choose to use it. Nashville to Chattanooga, and Louisville to Nashville are in my plans, and
possibly Evansville to Nashville.

J. H. Sullivan