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Thread: TS Modeler, Sketchup or other...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ckawahara View Post
    For the record, I'm using version 1.1. Not sure where you got your info and whether it had to deal with a specific version.
    I have now v1.1 and i got it following a link in another thread here, now a sticky by slipperman, and directing us to the web site of the author.

    Quote Originally Posted by rdayt View Post
    Just because you put it on the C drive doesn't mean you have to put it in a programs folder.
    Seems like the older MSTS tools do much better if not installed in a programs folder.
    I used to install my stuff in C:\RR Stuff, before I had a D,E,F,G & T drive.

    I started the installation and installed TSM in the suggested folder, C:\TrainSim Modeler, really easy to install...Now all i have to do, is to read the manual and start a project...

    Thanks to all for the help given...


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    Suggest you visit ET. There is a forum for model makers that as a SU use, you will find VERY helpful. It covers topics such as the all important poly count manipulation, extension/add-ons, texturing, etc. that are not covered in the normal tutorials, topics specific to models for MSTS. While there get the .S exporter for SU.

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    Since I have more than one drive, I have nothing, except CatMaster installed on the "C" drive. For whatever reason
    CatMaster has to be in the programs[x86] directory or it will work, but not do anything correctly. Simon Van de Laak
    created it, years ago, and told me about this quirk. I have the current Virginian route, and a Stevens Pass route that
    will be electrified, but the rest of my efforts are mostly L&N and so not electrified.

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    I could do 2-3X as much in Sketchup compared to TSM about a week after trying it. I've never looked back.
    Dave Nelson

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    Quote Originally Posted by tbundy1982 View Post
    My models in TSM do not transfer to other games like Trainz or Transport Fever. TSM is useful for MSTS/OR only.
    That is not true. French modeller Pierre Gauriat and some Italian modelers have transferred their models created in TSM to TS20xx. It does however entail an intermediary import in 3D Canvas/3D Crafter, which has an TSM importer.
    From there, the models can be either directly converted into TS20xx, or in an intermediary format (FBX/X/OBJ/3DS) which you then can import in any 3D modeller program (but mostly destined to be Blender anyway).

    However, the latest 3D Crafter versions seem to be very finicky and unstable, so you might want to inform yourself in the relevant forums (Elvas Tower, ..).
    Pierre here sketches a rough export from MSTS into RS (as it was then called back in 2013): (only in French, try translating with your favorite web translator and if it makes no sense, contact himself in English. His e-mail is on his main webpage

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    While I still occasionally use 3DCanvas... its inherent instabilities and idiosyncracies get tiresome. With no support or updates... the situation only gets worse. I mainly use 3DC now as a conversion tool to TSM models or for importing things that Blender doesn't handle. Blender is now my go-to tool. Totally Free, gets regular updates, has an S-File exporter.
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