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Thread: New at this: best way to buy MSTS?

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    Quote Originally Posted by doublereefed View Post
    To get started with MSTS do I just buy the CD from an Amazon seller? Or is there a better way? (I'm not even sure how I will install off that CD, but first things first.)
    Hi Richard,

    As I feared some of the "good guys" on here (most folk on here ARE the Good Guys ....some better than others LOL!) have steered you to Open Rails.

    Lets be clear. Open Rails IS the future because Microsoft crashed out of a new version of MSTS ...not ONCE ...but TWICE. The huge advantage of this ...well lets face it? Nearly Geriatric (like many of us on here) piece of software over all the newer costlier Train Simulations is the fact that from right off (almost TWENTY YEARS ago) Microsoft made it possible for enthusiasts to make and share content for the simulator. Some Payware (still going strong over in North America although Sadly dead and gone in the UK) content has pushed MSTS way beyond what was achievable 20 years ago but THE big plus is the MASSIVE library of freeware.

    So although I agree with all the posts that Open Rails is, without doubt, the future it's still a WIP (Work In Progress) and whilst 90? 95?% of North American content works well in Open Rails NOT all UK stuff runs so smoothly (some not at all). At this stage I won't take that statement further.

    The reason I mention that is because you enquired about The Lyme Regis Branch? Now to 99.9% of the Nth American sim fans on here that might as well have been Latin ....but it just so happens I live in Dorset so know EXACTLY which route you're talking about. The really GOOD news is that there are loads of us Brits here on the forum now since uktrainsim became almost totally obsessed with Dove Tale Games output. There are still a few guys hanging on to MSTS over on uktrainsim and still making and uploading some really great models. Sadly they are now a minority, BUT the good news is that if Lyme Regis interests you what they are making is right up your "era".

    That said as far as technical help is concerned this is the first "go to" forum with members from all over the Planet.

    If you stuck with my post I'd say get a copy of MSTS, PROVIDED they aren't asking silly money for it and give that a go. Your first reaction will be disbelief! Disbelief because what you see posted here today is the result of 20 years of enthusiasts building, developing, fixing and VASTLY improving on the Default installed MSTS. However it's a start point. You can download Open Rails for free and both Sims sit side by side without interfering with one another.

    As you get to grips with how stuff works, how to download and install add-ons, create your own consists, even create your own activities.... You'll soon get up to speed.

    Steam4Me (above) has LOADS of brilliant step by step tutorials on most aspects of the Sim.

    I'll shut up now because otherwise I'll make it sound way too difficult

    BTW adding a location give s folk an idea of what you might look for?

    Dorset - near The Swanage Railway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eolesen View Post
    My understanding..... Not having a default asset shouldn't prevent ORTS from opening an older route. If I recall it simply won't show the asset.

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    And it will give you a convenient list of what to go looking for.


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    I just looked at steam4me, I'm in the tutorial Installing MSTS by Yuri Sos. It only talks about WinXP and Win 7. Can it not be installed on Windows 10?
    For installation on Win10, follow the instructions for Windows 7, with one difference:
    MSTS originally shipped on 2 CDs. The copy protection was something called SecuROM. Sadly, Microsoft cancelled support for that years ago due to security reasons, so it isn't included with Windows 10. Therefore, if you try to install MSTS from the original CDs, the installation will fail.
    To circumvent this problem, just copy the contents from the CDs to a temporary folder on your computer and run the setup.exe from there. Otherwise, the instructions from Windows 7 still apply to Windows 10 too.

    Have fun!

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