I agree. Like it or not, people are going to have to invest in the time needed to learn TSRE. Not only are the DDS textures in play in current routes that MSTS tools know nothing about or how to handle them, but some rolling stock names are beginning to exceed the 30 character limit imposed by MSTS and its generation of tools, and consists sizes are exceeding the old consist builder limits.

The sooner you get on it, the sooner you get over it. The 50 creative ways of multiple people asking "do I really really really need to learn something new?" has run it's course.

I do wish Trainsimulations would once again collaborate with Goku and update their download of a "packaged" version of Goku's products moving beyond version 6.958, getting up to 6.9763 (or the next 6.977) that also includes the Shape Viewer component, along with unpacking the third icon for shape viewer on desktops of those who install it, while gently recognizing that this effort should NOT be Trainsimulation's responsibility in the first place. But they took the steps before to further our progress. Maybe it is in their soul to do it again. One stop shopping and one click install for newbies is always appreciated.

After installing the 0.6958, I periodically update the TSRE version manually on my system while editing the respective batch file for each function to reflect the new version number, and clearly I have "borrowed" one of the existing icons for the third component)