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Thread: Regarding Activities and Cabviews?

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    But I would like the activity completed message to appear when the train HAS stopped!?

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    As of now, two of my questions have been answered.

    1) There is no indication of where the activity ends within the Track Monitor (and not elsewhere, as far as I'm aware) for MSTS (and also for ORTS).

    2) The end of activity with activity completely message is enabled when placing "Location events" on tracks and indicating that the activity has been completed. This applies also to when trains have to stop for the activity to end successfully. But when stopping trains, they have to stop within the Location event "radius", otherwise the activity will not end in those cases.

    3) Cabview heights (above rails or track). This is still a bit of a mystery. It would be nice to know how cabview authors set the cabview height. Do they guess the height? Or do they refer to locomotive drawings/specifications?

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