Created some test activities just with player trains at the moment.

Set Start and End points of the activities in the Activity Editor. The End Points are set to the default of "0" mph for player trains. So the activities should finish once player trains have reached the End Points and the trains have stopped.

1) Should there be some sort of indication via the Track Monitor (F4 key), or via some other monitor, of where the End Points are while actually running the activities? If not, how do you know where/when to stop the trains?

2) I've stopped trains where I believe the End Points are, and yet there are no indications that the activities have finished!? I'm fairly certain I've stopped trains beyond the End Points a bit (by guesswork), but activity doesn't seem to finish? Why no indication that the activities have finished?

3) Height of cabviews (above track) from locomotives seem to vary, depending on the make/model of locomotives. But for most (if not all) modern locomotives, I think the cabview height is (or should be) about the same(?) I've found some modern locomotive cabviews which seem to be higher than others. In one case, the cabview was so high it scraped the top of some tunnels in a route, but I suspect those few tunnels were a bit on the low side to begin with. Is there some guide/list of what the correct cabview heights should be?