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Thread: Where can I get the platform kit?!?!

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    Question Where can I get the platform kit?!?!

    Hi, I have the Epping route going on MSTS/Open Rails, I got Xtracks and Newroads added onto there and Tramtracks 1.1 but I can't get the platform kit, I know where you can get it ( but I need an account to download, I put in my exact email address, but they do not send the confirmation email, I have been waiting since about 21 march 2020, I check my spam and everywhere, but they just don't send it, If the website is dead, can somebody please send me a link to another website that has it, I would absolutely appreciate that.

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    The uktrainsim website is not dead but I suggest you have a little patience in these very trying times! As far as I know, there are no other sources for the platform kits.

    There are four different platform kits but you haven't specified which you want. Also, I can't find any trace of an "Epping" route in either or - maybe the Central Line is available somewhere else?


    EDIT : Ah, please forgive me! I've just found out it's an Australian route!! I should have twigged that from your location
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    Ok, thanks, the route is at btw

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