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Thread: Autopilot maintains faster speed than manual?

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    Question Autopilot maintains faster speed than manual?

    I'm running the BNSF Scenic Sub Starter Route from

    I did the Eastbound route and am now doing the Westbound. On the Eastbound I had all sorts of problems on steeper gradients which I over came by stopping the train, using the sander and then carefully setting off again.

    On the Eastbound route I've been playing with the Autopilot. On one of the steeper gradients (2%) in Manual mode the train started to slow down even on 100% throttle. I switched on Autopilot and it sped up to within a few mph of the limit, no indication of the sander being on or anything else changing.

    Anyone any explanation please and what I'm doing wrong to not be able to keep up the speed manually?


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    Trains on autopilot are governed by AI physics...they ignore gradients and maintain track speed. Manually operated trains are subject to prototype (or close to prototype) physics.
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    From Manual:
    7.8 Autopilot Mode
    Autopilot mode is not a simulation of a train running with cruise control; instead, it is primarily a way
    to test activities more easily and quickly; but it can also be used to run an activity (or part of it, as it is
    possible to turn autopilot mode on or off at runtime) as a trainspotter or a visitor within the cab....etc
    Read whole section for detailed explanation
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    Thanks for the replies. My fault for leaping in before reading the manual. I'm working my way through it now!

    Thanks again.

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