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    Default More Mullan Pass videos

    A westbound Kick-Pass departing Elliston after deleting the helper set. Lead unit is a frankentoaster with midsection of long hood swapped out, this time an H2 dash9 with an H1 hood. These freaks are becoming common lately among units that get cobbled together quickly for the BNSF surge fleet. Both 5441 and 4331 are H2 with an H1 hood, and 4729 is an H2 with a 700 series Superfleet hood. All of the prototypes have the screen appliance over the exhaust with it's easy-close door signifying it is part of the surge fleet to be easily stored and exhaust stack protected from the elements when not needed.

    In a couple of places, the ghosts of the Milwaukee Road are disappointed to see orange and black engines (today's H3 colors) on their victorious competitor's tracks.

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    Great !!
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