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Thread: Light sources in Open Rails

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    Quote Originally Posted by cjakeman View Post
    When you run the installer for Open Rails Stable version (currently v1.3.1), it installs XNA v3.1 Redistributable which brings with it the DirectX v9.

    I think the trial version of Open Rails (MonoGame) still uses DirectX v9. MonoGame gives us the potential to use DirectX v11 and I'm sure we will take advantage of that, perhaps in v1.5.

    DirectX v12 is pre-installed on Windows 10 PCs. You will need DirectX v9 as well to run Open Rails.
    OK, so what all should I install for best performance with the monogame version?

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    I don't remember any thing out of the ordinary needed for ORMG to work.
    If there is anything missing OR will certainly let you know.
    Installing ORMG and getting it to run ain't rocket surgery.


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