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Thread: Disable performance counters

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    Hello Derek. From time to time I have found some counters that don't want to play by the rules even with exctrist.exe. What sometimes fixes this is clearing the Windows event viewer administrative events log by running power shell in administrator mode with the following command
    wevtutil el | Foreach-Object {wevtutil cl “$_”}
    Use the control + c to copy and then control +v to paste this command into power shell. Don't do just a normal copy and paste. Cannot give a reason for why it works but just does so. Maybe some programs get results from the event viewer??? Another thing with disabling the counters is quite often it takes 2 reboots before the disable actually takes place. If you still get an error message and you are happy to have a play in the registry I can give you instructions how. Just send me a PM Glad to help. Cheers Monty
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