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Thread: PSA: All TS content featuring Arriva Trains Wales being removed from sale April 14

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    Default PSA: All TS content featuring Arriva Trains Wales being removed from sale April 14

    This was mentioned elsewhere by Vern, wanted to share it here as well:

    In light of Arriva Trains Wales ceasing to operate the Wales & Borders franchise in 2018, we will soon be retiring all Arriva Trains Wales content for Train Simulator.

    What products does this affect?
    South Wales Coastal
    South Wales Coastal: Bristol - Swansea
    Welsh Marches: Newport - Shrewsbury
    Arriva Trains Wales Class 150/2
    Arriva Trains Wales DMU Pack
    South Wales Coastal Scenario Pack 01

    What happens if I already own them?
    If you already own any of the content above, then do not worry, they will stay as part of your collection.

    How long until they are retired?
    The mentioned products will be retired on April 14th, meaning you have roughly one week to pick them up before they are retired from sale, however, until then we are running discounts on each of these products so you can pick them up before they go.
    For those wondering (like me), there is a Workshop item to combine both SWC and the Marches into one big route if you decide to grab both of these.

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    Sadly we have seen this many times before with DTG.

    I got semi flamed over on Alan Thomson for suggesting it, but why didn't DTG/Bossman games stick with making a BR era version of the route, set in the 70's and 80's. Okay I know there are people out there who like the modern plastic stuff but given this has happened before, first with BNSF (sales to the USA only) and latterly Virgin, you thought they would have learned by now.

    And what's stopping Bossman simply rehashing the route slightly, remove any ATW branding from the stations and drop in some activities using the old Kuju 37's and 47's to keep it going. You can't (AFAIK) copyright the geographical structure of the landscape, the track layout and general appearance of structures etc.

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