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Thread: Random Consist Generator No Longer Working!?

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    Default Random Consist Generator No Longer Working!?

    I was able to generate a random consist of several cars (wagons) using the Consist Editor random consist generator. But this was only successful on the first attempt. For all subsequent attempts to generate random consists, nothing seems to happen now! Random consists are no longer being generated for some reason(s)?

    Highlight car, click "Add Rand" button to bring up random consist generator window. The highlighted car is shown in the consist generator window list to be added to the list of cars to be added to the random consist. Highlighting other cars and then again clicking "Add Rand" button will also add those cars to the list of cars to be added to the random consist.

    Enter number of random cars to be generated ("Number of unite"), and then click the "Add Random" button to generate the random consist.

    This worked the first time, but now fails to generate random consists regardless of car type and regardless of the number of cars wanted in the random consists!?

    Why is the random consist generator no longer working?

    Thank you.

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    Work fine here. Created Rand consist with 10 items the added 20 items. Opened Rand Con previously created then added 20 items and saved.

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    Maybe you forget to create a new consist between adding random items. If you use this function many times, they will be added to your current consist, not a new one.

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    So to create a consist you HAVE to select "New" from the File drop down menu FIRST, and then add cars to the random generator list, and then generate a random consist after setting the number of cars wanted in the consist. Then a consist name is given, then the consist is saved.

    I was not selecting "New" before trying to make a random consist! That was the problem!

    By the way, I was not opening an existing consist before trying to generate random consists.

    Thank you!!

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