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Thread: Windows 10 Startup Stops Working

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    Default Windows 10 Startup Stops Working

    Ok, so unlike many threads I saw of MSTS not starting up, I have had success starting it up just fine for quite a bit, and had put in custom routes and a few custom trains. However, this is with not a lot of programs running. All of a sudden, after I open up some other programs I use, the game just hangs with a not responding black screen. I know at the moment it's a conflict with something, but no program I've been using has been able to show me what is conflicting with what. The most I was able to get out of this weird bug was that at one point on a previous install (at the moment I'm on the third) dxdiag was opening up, but this install has brought no such luck in that.


    CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 1400
    GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti
    RAM: 16 GB (The memory shortcut didn't fix this issue)
    OS: Windows 10
    Audio: Wireless via Playstation Platinum Headset (read in Windows as Wireless Stereo Headset)

    MSTS Setup:

    Installed off of 2003 Ubisoft 2-CD release
    Installed on C:/Program Files (x86)/Microsoft Train Simulator (External drive has the same issue)
    MSTS Bin Installed with latest update as well as 1.4 online web patch
    dgVoodoo wrapper used with the setup from this thread (Game crashed to desktop on startup without it in any install)
    RouteRiter gave a bunch of soundscape errors for the default routes, but fixing these did not stop the issue
    train.exe is set with Win XP SP2 compatibility along with run as administrator

    Running Programs:

    Opera GX

    This issue happened with both vanilla and custom routes and trains installed, so I'm sort of stumped as to what's causing it, or what program to find. Any and all help is greatly appreciated, so I can keep on driving trains down more routes....and derail them in spectacular fashion.

    And yes, OpenRails does work fine, but the lack of derailment options is why I prefer MSTS over that.

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    Hi gamer097,
    I feel that the comment at the end of your penultimate paragraph will ensure that you won't get much help from this Forum.

    First of all, I suggest that you re-install your default MSTS into some location well away from C:\Program Files (x86) (AND C:\Program Files!) - just follow the Steam4Me tutorial ( which applies to any version of Windows from 7.

    The only program I've found which prevents MSTS from starting is Microsoft Visual Studio Express, but only you know what you have installed so should be able to find the culprit by using a process of elimination. Start each program in turn then try starting MSTS; if it doesn't start, do a cold reboot and see if MSTS now starts OK; if so, you've probably found one causing the problem, but there might be others so check them all!


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    Pull up your Windows error logs. Hit the windows key and type "error", should be the top selection.
    Might be something in there.
    And as Ged said, don't install any legacy MSTS stuff, MSTS, Route_riter, Aceit, etc. in any "programs" folder. You'll lose control of it.


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