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Thread: Adding Consists with RE

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    Default Adding Consists with RE

    I am now convinced that the MSTS Activity Tool is for the most part a relic and basically unusable as far as Open Rails is concerned. Having said that my desire to from time to time add a loose consist or move or delete one in an activity remains. Seeing the future I have successfully downloaded and installed Goku's Route Editor. It appears to be a great tool but I am totally unable to use it to modify an existing activity as far as consists are concerned. I have no desire to create activities, only to modify an existing one. I have navigated to the activity editor interface but have gotten no further despite reading the appropriate threads and the RE documentation.
    It would be helpful to at least myself if someone were to go step by step thru the process of adding/deleting consists with the RE App.
    Any help would really be appreciated...


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    To edit consists you need to run TSRE in consists mode

    More details here:

    That said, so far path editing is still not possible in TSRE. For that you have to use MSTS RE or Open Rails Track Viewer.

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