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    Hi there

    Any ideas about what would cause the following in the OpenRails Log

    Information: Train RY2-11 (32) : Looped at 1060



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    Hi Bert,
    Please the full log. Zip if too large.
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    I'm just looking for an explanation of what that line means.

    It seems to happen when I have one AI train following too closely to the one in front of it. The second AI train gets stuck at a signal and won't proceed. I can fix it by increasing the time between the 2 AI trains.

    The description is interesting. What does "looped" refer to? And "1060"?



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    The log file may give us a clue!!

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    Just a thought, does "looped" refer to a crossing or passing loop on a single line (referred to as a siding in North America)?

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    "Train Looped" is an error situation which can occur when a train tries to clear its path ahead.
    It happens if the train tries to clear its path and it finds a section ahead which is already reserved or occupied by itself. The number is the (internal) track circuit section no. where the problem occurs.
    It can happen when there is a real 'loop', like a balloon track. Very occasionally it happens when a train switches from Node control mode to Signal control mode (or vice versa). That shouldn't happen, but I have not been able to establish under what conditions this occurs. Usually, this error is not reproducable.
    In this situation, the log file will not give any usefull information. What may help is to check the dispatcher hud.
    If the problem is reproducable, you could watch the dispatcher hud closely to check on what happens just before the error occurs.

    Rob Roeterdink

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    Thanks for the explanation Rob.

    In my case it is reproducible. I have a series of AI trains (all on the same path) starting at 10 minute intervals. The location where the AI train gets stuck is on a single mainline with no sidings in the immediate vicinity. For the one AI that gets "looped", if I increase the time between it and the preceding AI to 12 minutes I do not get the "looped" error and all AI's proceed properly.

    I had the same "looped" error on another route where the AI gets stuck on a mainline where there is a siding. All subsequent AI trains take the siding to pass the stuck AI. Again, by increasing the time between the stuck AI and the one preceding it I got all AI's to proceed properly.

    As you noted, there is nothing in the log file other than the message i noted originally. It was by watching the Dispatcher screen that I could see what was happening.

    I was more curious about the term "looped" in the message than anything else. Your explanation helps explain why the term "looped" is in the message, though it doesn't apply here.

    Anyway, there seems to be a solution for when it occurs in the activities I am building.



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