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Thread: Open Rails Install and Win10

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    When I first installed the ZigZag and BNSF starters, the ZigZag installed to its own directory; however the BNSF installed to my C:\openrail directory. So every time I updated openrail, BNSF got blown away. When I reinstalled BNSF, it went right back to C:\Openrail. Now that I've moved it, everything appears to be stable (doesn't get zapped). I'm still learning. Now that I know, I will only keep openrail in the C:\openrail. Maybe when I first installed ORTS, I was thinking it was structured the same as MSTS, and created my routes and trains in the c:\openrails by mistake, but I thought that was where BNSF wanted to install. I'll keep them separate from my C:\Openrails from here on out. Thanks

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    The standard version of ORTS requires .Net.

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    With ORTS, I would recommend getting the stable version first. It's old, but has an installer that installs dependencies like .Net if needed. Then, in the opening menu, go into Options and under updates choose the Weekly versions - those have most of the latest fixes and additions, but are relatively stable. ORTS will then check for updates the next time you start it and pull in the latest weekly if you click on the link provided (upper right corner of the Menu box). .Net 4.x is installed by default in Windows 10, but if a program uses a version of .Net and/or Directx that's not already installed Win10 usually will install it on the fly the first time its requested.

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