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Thread: Resuming Activity From Save, Locomotive Wheelslip and Power Reduction Occurs!

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    Good work!!

    Looking forward to the revised release which incorporates this fix!!!!

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    Run some tests under Open Rails unstable version 8th July, and under NewYear MG version 68.

    It appears the issue of wheelslip on resuming saved activities is largely fixed, but not entirely.

    The variable NaN no longer appears (for Projected speed), and the previously saved Projected speed value seems to reappear on resuming activities.

    However, when actually resuming the activity, there is a brief drop in Projected speed value, and wheelsip warning indicator appears briefly. But the Projected speed value is quickly recalculated and rises in value again. The result being trains no longer actually wheelslip (for the current conditions).

    So the fix for the wheelslip on resuming activities is basically usable, as it stands at present.

    Thank you!

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    To be honest, that's good enough for me... glad to hear the fix works.

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