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Thread: NEC in progress

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    Crews did the "change" at Washington Union (if the train was a through Florida or Virginia service train)...depending on the run assignments, Amtrak chages cres on SOME, not all DC - New York runs at 30th Street, so a larte sign-up crew only works half way and can return same night back to their base. Same applies to SOME crews from New York working half way. Also trainms from New York to Harisburg will change crews at 30th Street also, some depending on the train do work all the way through and just flip ends from engine to control cab car during station time. Otherwise early saign up crews will work all the way through to NY, and return mid-day to afternoon back with a train to "DC"

    Crews on the Boston line will work from New York to New Haven, then another crew will work it from New Haven to either Boston or Springfield.this is a "left over" from the NH-PC days when it was two separate divisions since seniority and runs were separate and also "interrupted" by an engine change.

    Hope this helps

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    Quote Originally Posted by bootednancy View Post

    Good luck on yourt work with the NEC............Vince did a great job in starting to straighten out Zoo Jct which was so goofed up in the PRR Eastern region original.

    Since the route is set in the 1950's......there are still a number of errors that need to be eliminated:

    1) Upper Level of 30th street station is totally wrong. The east end (Schuylkill Interlocking) where it crosses the Delaware should be a 4 track mainline becoming a 6 track station. The west end of 30th street has the Media/West Chester line totally should be a "duck under" the two westbound tracks from the Trenton/Paoli mainlines. Also, Powellton Avenue (MU storage for Suburban Station) is totally missing.

    2) Suburban Station (BROAD Interlocking) should be a EIGHT track (#0-7) station, platform placement between tracks is wrong

    3) Penn Station NY is missing quite a number of tracks..(#1-21) and all the switch arrangements at C, JO, KN and A towers is wrong and mis-leading, platform placement between tracks is also totally wrong

    4) Since Sunnyside Yard is in the 1950's theme...there should be A LOT MORE tracks in the main yard..(#1-68) all through tracks except 64-68 (stub end)from R to Q towers....also the REA PXT tracks (96-73 and 101-106) which was the "stub end" of track 68.....are also missing, as well as Gozman Avenue Yard (tracks A-E) off of Loop A at R tower is missing.

    5) The grade separation between the East River tunnels going east to F, HAROLD towers and Woodside station is also cockeyed and does not match reality

    If you need track and interlocking diagrams, I have many from that and Philadelphia areas to assist
    A track diagram for ZOO Interlocking and Sunnyside Yard would very useful. I may take a trip up to the big apple myself and try to get a good idea of how Sunnyside looks. Sunnyside is going to take time and be done in pieces along side the Corridor. That way I am inching slowly to Boston and not stuck in one spot. SEPTA land will come in later updates. The geography in that area kinda sucks, so Powelton Ave Yard will be rough tog et right since it essentially declines than inclines to Upper level 30th from the OS-15 track. Boston first.
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    These could be useful. A lot of the charts I was able to find for Zoo/Sunnyside were all PRR-era.

    This link below has a more modern diagram of Zoo.

    This link below has track plans from 1905, 1946, and 1956, but it could help with what it may look like in the modern era.

    Hope this helps out.
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    Helped out alot. The highlighted sections will make this easier. I honestly couldnt tell where the NEC tracks where via google maps.....Looks like I'll do this yard piece by piece after NYP is finished. Such a beast

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