Hello Folks.
I recently have purchased a new laptop. A gaming laptop. While most would frown upon this, I have had little issue with laptops messing up, versus desktops. Anyways, I am currently installing Open Rails, TSRE + Consist Editor, and currently transferring my MSTS folder from the old laptop, to an external, to use for this one.

While my job is still mainly long shifts, 5 to 6 days a week, I will be able to have a bit more time, and patience, with doing ORTS related releases, files, etc.
Still need to install TGAtool, Paint Shop Pro, and a few more files.

Even though the laptop is currently 8GB RAM, eventually I will upgrade to 32GB for the use of heavy routes such as Mullan Pass.

Though, with 8GB RAM, games such as Halo: Master Chief Collection, Gears of War Ultimate Edition, run very smooth, with graphics all the way up, and 4K settings. So, I'm pretty excited to be back.