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Thread: Suggestions for buying a proper gaming PC to play TS (haven't played since 2018)

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    Default Suggestions for buying a proper gaming PC to play TS (haven't played since 2018)

    Hey everyone,

    so after this health crisis eases off, I want to buy a gaming PC to play Train Simulator. I last played the game in September 2018 BEFORE the game was made available on 64 bits. I still have all the original files on an external disk which totalizes about 600 GB of TS content (routes, assets, data, manuals etc.). It should be I originally bought the game in store in the summer of 2014 and haven't bought a newer version since.

    I went to a PC store a few months ago and the manager there gave me a magazine with several offers for a good PC to buy and so I wanted to see what you guys think. Keep in mind, my knowledge of computers is quite limited so I need all the advice I can get.

    Here are the main features of the computer I was recommended:

    Windows 10 installed (I last played the game on Windows 8)
    Ultra Gamer AMD 5 3600X-2060
    Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 3600x (6 x 3,8 GHz)
    CPU Cooler: AMD Boxed
    RAM: 16 GB DD4R 2666 MHz/ Max. 64 GB
    SSD: 1 TB Intel/ NVMe M.2
    Power adapter: Cooler Master 600 Watt (80 PLUS)
    2 year guarantee

    What do you think? Is this good enough to have the game function properly without any lags or bugs? Also, since I never bought a gaming PC before, is there something I should absolutely know before I purchase one? Is there something I should absolutely know about the game and how it evolved since 2018 before I install it again?

    Any comment or suggestion would be extremely appreciated!

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    You can test yourself with the link below to see if your computer can run this game.

    Hope that will help you to see if that game can run on your computer. I see your computer specifications and see why can't you run this game because yours are way up with graphic card and processor too.


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    Thanks John, will make sure to check that out

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    Also, what is the maximum screen dimension the game can reach? I've been looking at 1920 x 1080 screens. I want to make sure the full screen is covered and I don't have any black lines on the sides due to the computer screen being bigger than the maximum size the game can take up.

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    Yes you can have 1920 x 1080 screen size on your monitor. There is a settings in Options Menu of Train Simulator 2020 can let you change the size to 1920 x 1080 screeb.


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    My screen's maximum size is 3440 x 1440 and the game works well on that.

    I've got one of those curved screens which may also be a consideration.

    It's only gently curved and in truth I'm not sure it brings me benefits but I don't find it wrong either.

    I found the information in the third post useful:

    And when you come to set you machine up you could do worse then follow these ideas:

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    One thing I think has changed is that TS2020 is 64 bit - in 2014 it was 32 bit. So if you can get a 64 bit Windows that might be best.

    With TS2020 installed you get the option to play in 32 or 64 bit format so your old downloads should still work. Game controller software like Raildriver are also capable of 64 bit operation.

    There is also a game controller interface on the UKTS forum which is excellent:

    This can allow you not only to use Raildriver but also joysticks or throttle quadrants.

    I use Track-IR for camera movement about the cab:

    It's expensive and I understand there are other versions of this. I find it works really well in the game and adds to the sense of being in the cab.

    Many of the downloads now come via Steam although others can be bought direct from the makers. Therefore using Steam seems mandatory.

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