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    Hey guys i have a question what kind of graphics card do you use for msts from my computer? If you have any ideas what video card i need for microsoft train simulator for windows 10.

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    I currently use a Geforce 750 Ti, which is more than adequate for MSTS/Open Rails. Not so good for other new games, though. I seem to remember that MSTS specifically ran better with a faster processor speed, rather than a nicer video card. I think the base clock speed on my Intel i2500K processor is about 3.6Ghz.

    This was a fine middle of the line computer build for 2012. It's woefully inadequate for 2020 gaming. However, MSTS is older and doesn't use computer resources like newer games do, so I'm guessing having the latest 2080 video card probably won't make it run much better than what I already have. I don't run anything in MSTS anymore, anyway. Open Rails is much better all around.

    I'm sure others know more about this sort of thing, and this topic might be best moved to the PC Tech forum here.


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    Any Nvidia card that works under Windows 10 will work.

    There can be other challenges to getting MSTS to run on modern computers, but having an Nvidia card is a good start.


    With Open Rails and ZDSimulator

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    I know But MSTS Is better on my opinion and i found out it works on windows 10 but thanks

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