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Thread: Occasional Crash Running Activity

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    Question Occasional Crash Running Activity

    Running an activity for Europe 2 (Innsbruck to St. Anton) using 8 locomotives and 196 cars.

    Partway through the activity, the activity crashes after awhile. On looking at the possible causes, it seems that a missing sound (*.wav) file may be the cause. The wav file is x_RFtractionmotor.wav. This sound file is supposed to be located at "../../K_LocoWorksSND/RF_sounds/x_RFtractionmotor.wav" according to the corresponding locomotive sms file.

    I don't have this sound file on my system. But by searching for this file, it is apparently from a sound set named "KLW Locomotive Common Sound Pack v1.0". This file was available from the File Library (I think) and also available from the author's web site - But the website no longer exists, and the sound set is no longer in the File Library(?)

    The author's current website here - does not appear to have this sound set available for download (anymore)!?

    So where can I download the sound set "KLW Locomotive Common Sound Pack v1.0"?

    Thank you.

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    MSTS will crash like that on its own.
    You would be far better served by running Open Rails.
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    The wav file is x_RFtractionmotor.wav
    It may reside in one of the other KLW sound sets that are still available ( did you download those and look?). If not, my KLW sounds indicate that specific file was provided by Ron Furto. It might be found in one of Ron Furto's sound sets for GP's or SD's here in the library.

    See the screenshot -- I did find the file in other Sound Set.
    bandicam 2020-05-03 16-51-36-239.jpg

    MLW is Midwest Locomotive works >>
    Midwest Locomotive Works 645 Turbo 44100Hz Set.
    A Holiday release by Anthony Wood/MLW and NSAaron 12/25/2009
    Midwest Locomotive Works F40PH-2C Sound Pack for KLW TrainSim F40PH-2C Sets
    Version 1.3
    A release by Anthony Wood/MLW
    Here's all the MLW sets I have...for the zip file names.
    bandicam 2020-05-03 16-57-55-082.jpg
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    I suspect it may have been mis-named in some .sms files, since I've only ever found x_RF_tractionmotor.wav

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    Thanks for the missing wav file!
    Actually the activity also crashed twice when run under Open Rails 1.3.1!

    Thanks for the detailed reply!

    Yes, I downloaded all sound packs from None of them seem to have the missing wav file x_RFtractionmotor.wav.

    I have just about all of the MLW sound packs, and none seem to have the missing wav file either! The MLW sound packs refer (alias) to the "../../K_LocoWorksSND/RF_sounds/x_RFtractionmotor.wav", which presumes the user has already installed this sound pack from KLW.

    Thanks for the comment, but I don't think there has been any mis-naming here. MLW and KLW are two separate entities with different sound packs.

    Curious that the KLW author has locomotives to download from here also - But for some locomotives there is a requirement to have the sound pack "KLW Locomotive Common Sound Pack v1.0" installed as well. However, KLW doesn't seem to have this sound pack available for download!? So where does the user get this sound pack from!?

    I downloaded a couple of locomotives from this website to check if the sound pack was included, but it wasn't! Very odd that KLW doesn't provide this sound pack (anymore) despite the requirement for its use in some of KLW's locomotives!!

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    >Actually the activity also crashed twice when run under Open Rails 1.3.1!

    Post a log file please

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    Sorry Derek, but the log file has been superseded by running some other activities after on Open Rails!

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    After "installing" the missing wav file x_RFtractionmotor.wav, I've had no further crashes, so far! Thanks Derek!

    But the question now is, why is the sound pack "KLW Locomotive Common Sound Pack v1.0" not available for downloading (anymore)?

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    It can be replaced with the sound pack


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