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Thread: False positive with AVG for OR_NewYear_MG

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    Default False positive with AVG for OR_NewYear_MG

    Hi all,

    On my system I am using the payware version of AVG Ultimate for antivirus and internet protection. For the past year or so every time I do a whole number update of OR_NewYear_MG AVG goes bonkers. I get a window in the lower right of the screen saying that "this program may contain something bad". The program is prevented from running and a 15 second scan of the file is done. After the scan the program is allowed to run. At this point I usually get a Fetal error message from OR and I have to run everything again from the beginning. This happens with both the Menu and Runactivity program when run for the first time. This has been going on for so long that I've just gotten used to it.

    Today I accidentally clicked on update notice on the upper right hand of the menu. Immediately AVG quarantined the file and I got a popup saying "This type of file usually contains malware and that I will be notified within 60 minutes weather or not I can run the file." Of course I was notified that the file was OK.

    There are no problems with the unstable version.

    This is more of an annoyance than a problem. Is anyone else having this problem? Is there anything I can do about it, other than complain to AVG?


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    You can white label OR so AVG doesn't go bonkers. I have the free version and have no problems with updates.
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    I have a standalone PC with no virus protection.. My other PC runs on virus protection since its connected to the Internet for web and e mail.. My other PC is a standalone for OR Only...Not for others, and I removed every crap like AV, webpages, and so on that you dont really need to associate with OR.. Runs a lot better and faster.. Since they dont scan every program when OR is running... No stopping, stuttering and crashing.... Smooth as silk... Just get another PC and use it for OR Only and you will get impressive results... Have been doing it for years with MSTS and OR.. I just scan files thats heading to the standalone and transfer it via USB stick...
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