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I remember some years ago trying that MBTA Boston to Providence route. Interesting and fun to play with but one problem I found is that it is not correct geographically so that you cannot run with actual MBTA schedules nor is it easy to make correct updates such as adding the Stoughton Branch which I was going to try to do. Too bad someone went to all that work without making sure the geography was correct.
If you do an unrestricted search for "MBTA" in the file library, you get 7 pages of hits. Several of those pages are the 16 files (plus updates) making up the 2004 version of the route. There are several versions of the subway cars, based on the Japanese stock that came as MSTS defaults. Also some other traction items, such as the PCC mentioned, a Type 6 (Boeing-Vertol) model, and a Type 7 (replaced the Boeing cars). Quite a few trains and loco paints, too, but you need to read the descriptions carefully - some are better-done than others, and some are purely fictional (MBTA Acela? MBTA E60?).