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Thread: Track just partly visible in Open Rails!!!

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    Default Track just partly visible in Open Rails!!!

    I installed the Natal Mainline v2.36 and v3a made by Russell Westwood (both are different routes in South Africa) in my MSTS installation and followed all instructions of the Readme. So I have ALL extra files like Xtracks/Ytracks/Mtracks installed. Also Bin is installed. My laptop is high-end with an Intel i7 porcessor and Nvidia Gforce GTX video card and Windows 10. In the past there were never problems when I played the route in MSTS, but now in Open Rails (because MSTS doesn't work properly anymore in Windows 10) something strange appear. Alle textures and shapes in the route are visible in the route, even here and there some pieces of track and from some switches the crosspoints only. But the majority of the tracks and switches as well as the tunnel textures of the tunnel walls and floors are not visible at all (but the ace files are there in the texture folder). When you ride through the tunnel it looks like you ride through the great white void. So what could be wrong??? Are there any settings in Open Rails I should change to get rid of this problem???


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    The textures for the track need to be in the routes textures folder. When you install a route you usually have to copy them there.
    The Open Rails Log file will show you what's missing.
    If the logging option on OR's main page is checked the log file is on your desktop.
    Start there.


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