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Thread: Trains on movies

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    Once upon a time on this forum I told about some Soviet movies, where main plot was about railway transport, if anyone is interested, I can tell again, moreover, these films have not been translated to English and I can explain the plot.

    I also found an interesting educational movie for Soviet railroaders from 1990 year, this film clearly explains Instruction of technical exploitation of Soviet Railways - main guidance document. Despite the language barrier (although in this video are subtitles and Youtube can translate them) you can just watch to trains and work of railroaders:

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    My all time favorite is Emperor of the North Pole with Lee Marvin and Ernest Borgnine.

    A good look at at railroading and Hobos in the 1930s when trains would High Ball at 20 mph.

    It is a semi fictional movie about a real person.


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