Two days ago I found 4 files in the Train-Sim Library for the Western Rwys. v7.

It turns out it is a "come-on" of patches needed to use activities in the route, and only a text file of a link to a YouTube page.

Going to that, you have to watch a video of "instructions" that are nothing more than a fuzzy recorded copy of some page.
This is turning into an abortion of trying to get the jumble of letters and numbers in this video TO GET TO ANOTHER BLASTED YouTube video that has another imbedded link before you get ANYWHERE NEAR downloading the route

Since yesterday I subscribed to this site as requested,

I have looked at this video a dozen times till my eyes have gone blurry at a fuzzy copy of your instructions in the video and still can not get the other video to work with the indiscernible jumble of letters & numbers you give that uis FAR FROM CLEAR to read for an elderly person.

I keep putting that information in to get a page that only tells me that this site DOES NOT EXIST.....

NOTHING should ever be THIS blasted difficult...Now PLEASE provide a better easier link or way to get this route downloaded.......a copy & paste of this jumble to get to the YouTube would be MUCH EASIER

This route is NOT BECOMING anywhere near ENJOYABLE when compared to the hundreds of other available ones, and yes, I don't want something for nothing....even a pay ware route is far easier than this abortion.

Now whoever the jackpot that created this mess is, needs to make a better path to people getting it who are not that computer literate or have 20/20 sight or have all day to keep watching YouTube videos when all we want is an add-on route