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Thread: CN on the DAR in Middleton

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    Default CN on the DAR in Middleton

    I've been working on activities for the DARv3 route, part of that is running them and fixing anything that doesn't work and setting meets with AI traffic that work. This activity is Canadain National's way freight from Liverpool on the other side of Nova Scotia that normally goes as far as Bridgetown but today has no cars for them, so it will turn in Middleton after switching out a few cars and lifting a few more.

    CN 1803 arrives in Middleton on the wye and waits for DAR train 2 to pass before beginning switching.

    He'll switch the interchange first, there is limited space in the yard in Middleton.

    1803 comes out of a siding after spotting a car for TRA Foods.

    After spotting a couple of cars in the Middleton yard, the crew start back towards Liverpool.

    Last car spotted, an LPG tankcar for ESSO, time to head home.

    Paul :-)
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    Looks real good. Really appreciate the method you have used in developing activities, here on the DAR, Conn River and Fonda.
    Anxiously awaiting the release of the new DAR 3
    Russ G

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