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Thread: Some things I like about Trainz

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    Cool Some things I like about Trainz

    I'm driving on the Rocky Mouontains Montana Track New Era in TRS19.

    This route was a wish come true for me. I have asked in the past why most routes just end with no way to turn around and that is because I like making " Open-ended " sessions and I'll drive till I have a major problem or see an improvement I can make to my session.

    That being said, the Montana Track has a turn table in most towns and one that has a wye for turning.

    What really makes my day are two things right now:

    1. The " Edit Trains " tab.

    When things go south like; a cornfield meet... just pause, hit the Edit Trains tab and select the whole train instead of individual car and then the drag feature and just drag your train over past the switch that won't change for you and then jump back into the cab and continue on. ( I don't understand why after going a long distance on one of the single track sections you some times come to a switch that is locked for the opposing AI and yet he won't procede and you can't change it unless ... see below)

    2. On the fly schedule editing.
    I don't know if it has always been this way but I realized about a month ago that a train schedule can be edited on the fly in Driver. In the example of the cornfield meet above, next time this happens to me I am going to try and delete the schedule on the AI and see if the locked switch is released and if it does I will drive my train through and then add the schedule back to the other train.

    The schedule on the fly feature works for me because in my open ended sessions I send AI trains from one end of the route to the other and when I notice on my driver list that an AI has entered the game I look at it and lets say for instance it is a 10 car coal train, if I need coal at the Coal Creek power plant, I just add in the schedule for it to goto the coal dump at the power station, then I click on the order to go to what ever Portal it was originally supposed to go to and I click on the delete button for that order . Later on I will revert the train back to complex controls and do the switching at the power plant and maybe even re-schedule it to go back to the Bear Creek Coal Mine.

    Recently I spent a week tour helping the passenger service on the Montana Track.

    I just let my driver engines simmer and when the first of Sniper's PO&N passenger trains appeared on the driver list, I grabbed it and told it to abandon schedule and than I switched it over to the complex controls and I drove the route, stopping at every station, back and forth for that whole week. I let the AI ones all run untill they ran into some occasional problem and then if the problems were too bad to fix, I just brought out the Edit Trains tab and deleted whole trains.

    Some thing that does bug me a little is that the Portals at the ends of this route don't always gobble-up all cars in a train and then trains seeking the Portal stack up..... solution...... bring out the Edit Trains tab.

    My basic session is short passenger trains starting at both ends and then about every 90 minutes, then out of Sunburst, I have a series of freights hauling all the commodities that I deal with: coal, crude. diesel, logs, containers and wood chips. Those emit imeadiatly and then about every two hours. The cool thing about emiting immediately is that when you resume from a save you get new AI right away but instead of emmiting the next commodity, it seems to start with the first one again which for me is coal and I use a lot of that.

    I'm going to go play with my trains now! Thanks to Sniper for his fleet of PO&N repaints and Guilliams Yves for a great linear route!

    Wild Willy the Wacko

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    The main strength of Trainz remains the route building in Surveyor - whether you're trying to recreate a model layout found in an ancient magazine, or a prototype route with the help of Transdem.

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    You can also go cheap like me and skip Transdem all together and do it manually via Google Earth. One thing that DEM or even Google does not do is get the proper height of the actual rails. Those unfortunately you can only get by observation or track charts. At least the Google Earth Pro gives the altitude and street view that gives you an idea. Not perfect, but I've been able to build a mainline fairly quickly at about 3 miles a day on an average couple of hours of work.

    I'm also quite fond of the AI in Trainz. Again not perfect, but nothing does it better.

    As for the physics well it's not Run8 that's for sure But this is my sim of choice at this time.



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