Hello all! While running the Included Amtrak Activity Southwest Chief, getting an average of 85fps which is good on my machine, I ran into a Signal Issue at East Berry Interlocking. I am faced with all Reds with the switch turned to allow my passage by the Waiting Freight, but it will not change to Yellow.
I had to go into deep Manual Mode and Request Permission to proceed.
Now, I know this is a minor issue, but all the same this Upgrade did cost me $20 Cdn funds and has Activities Written and Tested for OR. I expected more than this. Yes it is a minor issue, I can appreciate that, but I also have many Freeware Routes/Activities that perform extremely well. This is to say a minor disappointment in this day and age of Simming.
Still, the improvements are well received and the scenery is fantastic, well worth the $20.

Well done, overall SLI/TS on this route/activity. I will have to run a couple of the Freights now to see how they perform.