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Thread: How to make DEMEX based Route?

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    Quote Originally Posted by landnrailroader View Post
    I found it on Google Earth and there does not appear to be any rails/ties on the right of way, so I would assume it
    is abandoned. I chose MRS Logistica because I have gradients & curve lists for those routes, and I have the new
    signal layouts, so the plan is to do it "like now". The only problem would be the signals. The new signals are the
    pretty much ubiquitous "darth vader" type, but the scripts would be unlike anything we use. For example, they
    don't use multiple head signals for the most part, so I will have to deviate there and probably use the CSX

    Or will you..?

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    I probably will. I understand the CSX rules, and have been tested on them a number of times, though
    not in the last 5 years or so. If someone in S.A. who is familiar with creating scripts and who sees these
    comments, and creates correct ones, then I will use those. The routes I have from S.A. basically used BNSF
    rules from the original MSTS offerings. Another "difference" is that the S.A. route has a gauge of approx.
    5 feet, though they measure it in meters. It is noticeably wider than our standard gauge. MRS Logistica
    mostly uses G.E. locomotives and there are some in the library using the original MSTS units. Someone
    also did ore cars, which are in the library and these are neat, in that the empty version rattles when the
    cars move.


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    The one I'm doing in Trainz will essentially be a bit freelanced out of necessity. For starters there's not much Brazilian specific stock available if any, less even than MSTS. South American railways tended to be a strange mixture of North American, British and European influences anyway so my motto is, build a route through some nice scenery and worry about what to drive on it later. I'm using standard gauge as opposed to metre gauge as that gives a much better choice of stock to run.

    If that route isn't on your list Jerry, I might pop the DEM and some markers into TSRE and see how it looks with a view to a MSTS/OR version too.

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