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    I recently encountered an issue with my route I'm building. I'm no guru and this is my 1st route project using TSRE5 never used MTSRE. I'm laying track that drops from an elevation of 4700ft to 1856ft over a distance of 167 miles. My problem started at 2770ft when I started noticing a second terrain layer. I have laid track before and relaying now using more accurate data. I also relaid track on other sections of the route without encountering this problem. Any help on what I can do to fix this would be greatly appreciated.
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    Are you sure this isn't Distance Mountain Terrain?

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    No, it's not distance mountain terrain.
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    It looks like DM.

    If not, maybe you have too high viewing distance set in OR?

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    I stand corrected. It was the DM that was enabled in OR. Didn't change the viewing distance but disabled DM.
    I was convinced it was something to do with terrain height as I had not put any mountains yet.

    Thank you.
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