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Thread: Timetable Platform Arrival and Departure Issue

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    Default Timetable Platform Arrival and Departure Issue

    I have Open Rails version 1.3.1 and am having a problem working with the OR timetable. Cannot get the AI trains to stop at a designated platform on their path. As an example, I've entered "13:42-13:45" in that cell (just as the manual states) to indicate the arrival and departure times on that platform's row for that train but the train barrels right on through the station.

    Do not want to change the path to indicate this as some trains using that path do not stop at that station,

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks, Captain Tom

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    The only thing I think, is that
    Platforn, considered in THAT row is situated on OTHER track, that belongs to THIS train's path.
    There's a STATION's names in list too-
    So my advise - TRY to check carefully, and try to find the row with same name in first colunt, to enter times there.

    Wish You success.

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    I remember: there's somewhere(maybe at ORTS TrackViewer's PathEditor?) such function:
    "List all stations for this path"(aybe, not exactly syntax)

    Hope, this will help You.

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    ORTS Track Viewer(program)
    **Save visited stations(entry)

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    If there are not only one platforms with same names on this route(and at first column), maybe, You're trying to direct your train to platform, that it can't reach, as it is NOT in that train's path.

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    Have you looked in the OpenRailsLog.txt on your desktop?
    I had a similar problem where, after a double reversal point, all further stations wouldn't be recognized.
    To fix my problem, I then split the train at the location where the double reversal point used to be, to achieve a similar effect.

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    Thanks much to both weter and mmax45581!!! That helped solve the problem.

    Weter - - Will be checking your comment on "List all stations for this path" in ORTS Track Viewer(program) *Path-editor(menu) **Save visited stations(entry). Somehow I missed that valuable function.


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    Glad, that my experience became useful for You.
    Timetale definition, IMHO, is very interesting and perspective part of ORTS practice.
    I encountered problem, such You told, working with Wupper Express 11, where, actually 2 railroad systems (Intercity and S-bahn(suburb commuter))share same station: 2 island-like platforms,4 tracks, so I was surprise, why commuter train misses already defined stop in Leverkuzen???

    I whish You success in working with TT; Hope, You will ceate interesting content and share it with World.

    Another important function of TrackWiewer(next of save visited stations in PE menu) is "View chart".
    It calls a window, showing You plan and profile of track, over which the path, you selected leads.
    So, You can see elevations, asacentions/descentions and curves of Your path and esteem the quality of route builder's work

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