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Thread: Activity edior problems

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    Default Activity edior problems

    Are there any others here in the forum that run Open Rails yet use the original MSTS activity and route editor? A day ago, my activity editor just crashed for no reason. NO error messages, I can name the activity name, add it twice like I always have then OR just crashes! Route editor and other SAVED activities still work fine. I don't use TSRE period. I've tried it and don't care for it. Is there ANY other option in the library that similar to the old activity editor? the following is computer specs.

    Model: Dell XPS

    Intel ( R ) core ( tm ) i7-6700

    CPU @ 3.40 GHz

    64 bit system

    Memory ( ram ) 8.00 GB

    457 GB free of 931 GB

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    I still use MSTS Activity Editor since Open Rails handles waiting points like a boss. As far as the route editor is concerned, TSRE5 is my go to for route building and placing loose consists as accurately as possible for my activities. Path building/editing is best done using Openrails trackviewer. Your specs may not be the issue, but post an Open Rails log, need more info.

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    There are no other activity production options.

    Current options:-

    1. fix the current MSTS,
    2. rebuild machine so MSTS works,
    3. use TSRE

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