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Interesting. I had wondered if it was going to be like a Virtual Airline (just log your time in single player) or like OMSI2's Bus Company Simulator, where all BCS players pick from the available jobs posted for each route. You don't actually see them in the game world, but you do see them moving on the minimap.......
At the end of each job you receive an assessment which is based on whether you kept to the time-table, did you exceed the speed limit at any point, did you accelerate/decelerate within the "comfort" bounds, etc. Your performance is logged and recorded in your "career" portfolio.

As the sim is designed as a driver/engineer sim, with the view from the cab predominating, it reminds me very much of both BVE and TrainMaster 4.

The cost to subscribe is a pittance, really. Less than the price of a Big Mac meal.
But you are right, I feel - it's enough to deter the rabble.