Hello again fellows:

I have an activity in the route Alfold v7.2 (a Hungarian set of main lines) that I would ,like to alter, and not sure what to set up to make the addition I want.

the Scenario:
A Hungarian (MAV) train from Budapest takes a branch line that puts it on the Czechoslovakian (CSD) border. Naturally the line ends a little past the last station in Hungary. In the activity all you do is make the stops along the way, arrive at the end station, unload and the activity ends.

The Modification:
Instead of just ending after unloading, I want to take and uncouple the MAV engine and an extra MAV coach and set it off on another track in the station, leaving 5 cars that will "continue" into Czechslovakia. The crew then changes engines to a CSD electric coupled to 3 add-on CSD coaches, doubles them to the main 5 cars and proceeds as far as the route allows (cross-border) where the activity now ends by tripping a Location Event.

Doing this in Open Rails it appears easy, as I have read the OR Manual and practiced with the ability to change from the Player consist to any consist that has an engine with a cab.

What I am looking to find out is first I have to modify the original Player path so when the crew cuts the MAV coach & engine, it follows a path to set off on another station track and is done. After that, the Player changes to a static consist on another track that is now the head end of the Czech train.

What I need to know is how do I set that up??? Do I make another Player path for the static consist to go from the track it appears on against the 5 cars, then depart on the remainder of the route to the end point??? If I put the static train on this path....it now becomes an AI train??? so how would I keep it in the station and prevent it from "taking off" out of control before I have changed operating engines???

Any help is very much appreciated on this one....little bit of a new skill here. I am using Open Rails, the OR Track Viewer and Goku's TSRE5 to put in the modification to the ACT file and other related ones.