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Thread: Buying Mullan Pass

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    Default Buying Mullan Pass

    Just bought Mullan pass from
    But i did not recieve any mails about seral numbers or instructions, conformations.... Just my money is gone.

    So.. is that it? Is this regular on their site or whats going on?

    Does anyone have same / similar experiance with this?

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    You should have been sent to a page with the download link.

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    Yes it did, i did click on download link but then i closed the tab.....

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    Just got the mail with all info in it.
    Thank you for the help.

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    It does not take a "split second" to hit "purchase" and get all the info in a snap. It takes upwards to 15-25 minutes, its very normal, since they need to verify if its a legit purchase. If its legit, then they will reply right back with all the info, keys, etc. If you lose it, then your done... Print it out and put it in a safe place, or even back it up...

    So dont expect to take a minute or 2 for it..
    Dave Edwards

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    I don't know, i understand. I took about an hour before i got an email.
    I did think this was automated and instant. I did purchase befor and i don't remember that took that long...

    Anyways, it is working like a charm

    Moderators can remove this thread if you want. Was not really necessary. Just me panicking over nothing.

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