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When someone builds an engine with one name, and includes all the sound files right in the engine, why on earth would you change the ENG file name and move the sound folder to the Common SND folder, then complain that they don't work... of course they don't work.

These engines have been out for months and really years for the CP SWs, the new ones were all created from the old ones. Never hears of anyone until today having sound problems with them.

Paul you misunderstood my post completely.

THIS is how I install New Routes.

1) I keep a tested "error free" version of the Default MSTS install. I say "Default" but I then add to that all the "usual" requirements of subsequent routes from the last 19 years. Stuff like New Roads, Track enhancements, BIN etc.etc.

2) I test this with RR and Conbuilder (payware version) to make sure I starting with a clean canvas.

3) I download a new route to a fresh folder in my Downloads/Routes files.

4) I copy that Route into the Default Install following any specific instructions in the Read Me.

5) I retest with RR and Conbuilder (some folk include some specific stock with the route)

That gives me another Error free platform so that I'll know that any subsequent Errors will be to do with the last thing I installed.


I then set about downloading all the Required Stock.

I noted that it was ALL of your own creation? Folk have been downloading your stuff for years right?

Normally with a download list of models from different sources I'd re-test after EACH new model is installed. I figured that as it was all your stuff I'd merely unzip it all to a folder outside of the Sim to see if there was anything obviously different about any of the individual models.

I then copied the stock into the Trains/Trainset folder.

BELT AND BRACES.... I re-ran Conbuilder and was surprised and puzzled to find loads of errors.

NOW we all know that quite often one fix will wipe out loads of errors and Conbuilder often suggests exactly where the problem lies?

I double checked Consist errors in Route Riter which showed a list of missing stuff.

NOW this all took time. Whilst I was doing that you had posted about consists that should have been removed. As I was concentrating on my problems I didn't see that until I posted a list (I thought helpfully?!) of stuff my efforts had thrown up.

I removed the stock and consists that you'd posted and obviously the error list was considerably reduced.

However I've persisted and removed just about ALL the errors my set up was reporting EXCEPT that Conbuilder keeps giving me nearly 700 SOUND errors all to do with the SW's


My first reaction was NOT that anyone OTHER THAN ME had screwed up here.

Even worse I didn't understand why Conbuilder was reporting missing stuff that as far as I could see was there all along?????

I have to say that personally I'M WITH YOU The idea of Common Sound and Common Cabs was introduced early on as a way to reduce file sizes and save disc space when the same sound or cab was used by MOST of the stock THEN available on the far lower spec machines of that era. In fact MOST early add-ons used default sound and cabs whatever they were.

Since then there are hundreds of new models, loads of custom built cabs, custom sounds etc. AND disc space is (for many of us) no longer an issue.

I've have loads of issues trying to alias sounds and cabs in the past. Obviously I've not mastered the skills required to fix the issues (and judging by the forums I'm not alone) so when I find a model with Sound and Cab files included I'm delighted.

Now all I did was download, unzip and place in the route the required SW models NO MORE NO LESS.

So when I got sound errors reported I couldn't for the life of me understand why? There were a couple of .wavs reported missing but these were in other stuff so I merely copied those into the SW sounds.

Conbuilder retest removed those errors but left a load more.

SO... When I asked for help I figured "well anyone else who did what I did and ran a test in Conbuilder would SURELY (?) get the same error message and have found the fix?"

The only reason I asked about Common Snd was that many of you will be familiar with Conbuilder Sound Reports that contain the phrase "....if these are aliased they are missing in the Common Snd folder....."

I guess if no one else has the problem all I can do is remove ALL the SW models, redownload them and install them again. That way I can test that the errors are genuinely caused by those installs AND work through them one by one.