Hi Gentlemen,
@Paul : I must come Geoff's defence here! I have installed the route and stock this afternoon (3 hours ago) and the SOUND folder for the CN_SW1200RSs DOES contain files CN_1290eng.sms and CN_1290.wag.sms! He has admitted that he doesn't know much about sounds so I can assure you that he hasn't tinkered (at least not with these files!).

@Geoff : Although the sounds look odd, to us as humans and, strictly speaking is probably wrong, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the coding. It will work without any problems - it doesn't have to point to its own folder, so long as the path is legitimate. As for CB reporting errors - I've just run the payware version and it hasn't reported those as errors (because they are NOT ). It would be interesting to see the report you're getting!!