Hi everyone,

In the spring months of 2019 I had a strong desire to build a much more up-to-date version of GE's 'Genesis' units for Open Rails. 3D cab, high resolution textures - and a much more accurate base model that fixed the somewhat off proportions of some of the other models out there.

Over a few months, with the help of many in this community and at Elvas Tower, I created and tested this model extensively, and released some beta versions which people seemed to like. However, I was a bit ahead of myself in certain areas - mostly the basics in modelling and UV mapping - which left me frustrated with how the rear of the units looked, and how the 3D cab area ended up looking in game.

I also had moved on to a new version of Blender - which the MSTS exporter did not work with yet, but that has been updated and now allows me to work in a much better workspace.

I got busy and shelved the project, but saved the files in case I ever wanted to come back to it. I got a message today from a buddy who was helping to create liveries for the project, asking if I would ever finish these engines. I was SO close. So I've decided to dust them off and finally finish them out. I am setting myself a deadline - August 1st, 2020.

By then, the Open Rails community will have freshly rebuilt P32AC-DMs, P40s, and P42s to play with, along with accompanying Viewliner IIs, all with 3D interiors (locomotives included) with liveries from several eras of modern Amtrak. I am asking you, the community, to hold me accountable here so I don't get lazy - because I know the satisfaction of uploading my first pieces of content to the library will put a smile on more than just my face.

These Genesis engines were part of my childhood - and as they begin to leave service - this is my way of saving them. For those who didn't monitor the thread in the modeling forum, here are some old renderings and pictures from last year. I need to tear the rear ends off of them and remodel, along with creating new UV maps and textures, but this is what I'm working with.

I intend to start working on these next Tuesday after I return from a work trip to Chicago.

And oh yes - freeware.