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    The shot I posted was off a laptop that is 9x16. I have OR set to 1024x768 so OR is clipping a bit off the top and the bottom compared to a 4x3 monitor, but keeping it proportionate, that's why the needles in the gauges are correct.


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    Quote Originally Posted by lateagain View Post
    Thanks Derek. was the weak link. A quick Google threw up scores of "issues" with imgbox BUT thankfully also the simple solution.

    Basically once I cleared the Cache in Chrome Paul's pictures all appeared.

    Back to the Cab.....

    I wasn't getting anything like Pauls shots so obviously I hadn't set something up in OR. I'll go back and check the original view but I'm a bit puzzled that Paul's shots show a widescreen shot when I understood (misunderstood?) he was running the Sim 4x3. I mention this as the only thing I didn't change was the FOV. Obviously as the shot shows setting any FOV has a different effect in 4x3 and 16x9 so what would I put in the variable box ?
    You need to change the 38 to 60 in Viewing Vertical FOV and Window Size to 1024 x 768

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    Quote Originally Posted by crstagg View Post
    You need to change the 38 to 60 in Viewing Vertical FOV and Window Size to 1024 x 768
    Yes I tried that and of course it does work. That is of course a 4 x 3 aspect ratio (as were the orignal MSTS screens, as were most monitors back in 2002) and as the model was built for that it works.

    However what this thread shows is that now we have Open Rails we have user choice variables. None of them are RIGHT.... None of them are WRONG? They are merely personal choices.

    Personally I find that a FOV of 60 gives a VERY wide angled view as the starting point in ALL cameras. The settings I had (see image above) gave what I consider to be a far better "starting point" (not forgetting that you can zoom in or out to any FOV with the mouse wheel) so that I can quickly set the cameras to the FOV I want.

    AGAIN this is personal choice...
    The Perspective the human eye sees the world is the equivalent of a FOV of 29 degrees. I tend to set ALL my CAMS to that FOV when I start using OR. Until these cabs cropped up that's never been a problem.

    SO... far from "blaming anyone else" I set about fixing the Cabview so that it would work in 16 x 9 screens in OR. I'm getting there slowly. I hadn't realised that repositioning controls and needles in Cabview Editor was so easy! However I hit a problem with the night cab testing earlier that's going to take some more work.

    Obviously not everyone using OR in 16x9 is going to choose MY preferred FOV setting?

    So I guess this project is just for me?

    Oh and BTW the "fix" to get imgbox to work that worked on my win10 desktop has NOT worked on SWMBO's laptop, both Win10, both using Chrome. No big deal because I only look at the forum on here.

    It's a shame because so many image sites have closed down or watermarked folks images to demand an extravagant premium. I'll do some more searches. There's no shortages of complaints on the web.
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