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Thread: Romney Hythe And Dymcurch Railway not working

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    Unhappy Romney Hythe And Dymcurch Railway not working

    I'm fairly new to the open Rails community and I found out that Microsoft Train Simulator routes work as well.
    I bought the Romney Hythe and Dymchurch Railway and followed instructions online but I've ran into some problems.

    . The Track won't load

    . Some of the locos don't have a consist with them so I can't use them

    . I have no clue how to drive them, if I'm with coaches i take the break off, turn the reverser to 75% and start giving it some regulator but it won't move at all. If its just the loco it will start moving at a snails pace and anything I try doing doesn't work

    I was told by dev of the game that Its not Meant for OpenRails but some people have got it to work.

    If you could help that would be really appreciated

    Thank you


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    To start, It's necessary to attach a copy of your OpenRails log file.
    Open Rails will place the log file in the first open spot on your desktop.
    The first thing to look for is the track textures. They will need to be in the routes textures folder. Look for acleantrack1.ace and acleantrack2.ace.
    The route should have come with a Readme that will tell you about any equipment downloads you'll need for the included consists and anything else you'll need for the route.


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