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    Too bad you fellers didn't like it, I waited too long to buy OMSI 2, which I regret as I loved it! Yes, it's clunky as hell but the sound and physics and detail are hard to beat. I didn't try with a gamepad, I found there was too much to be done that needed a cursor that I just wanted to use the keyboard and mouse, and I found the mouse driving to be surprisingly intuitive, in spite of myself.

    No other bus simulator really captures the feeling of driving a big vehicle, nor the amount of detail involved in operating one picking up and dropping off passengers. I partook of that Bus Simulator 2016 a while back and didn't get on with it at all: you drove through a plastic-fantastic toy German city with barely any traffic, pedestrians or realism. Being able to set up your own routes was interesting, and it had the dreaded company management aspect, but the gameplay was cobblers. Refunded that straight away. The sequel is improved but from what I've read, not by much. The developers are obsessed with speed bumps and pot holes, and their attempts to give some life to the world by making the passengers talk just means you have 10 old ladies on your bus, all of whom have a cat called "Purrly" that they show you a picture of when you do a ticket inspection.

    You can see my experiences for yourself if you want (sorry for the poor quality, was figuring out how to use OBS)

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