A couple of years or so ago I purchased the ES44AC Pack01 CSX YN3 Download. I never did see these locomotives and when I tried to create a consist to use them, I could see them in the locomotive line up but couldn't place them in a consist. didn't read the instructions before I purchased these. Come to find out I needed to have the BNSF ES44DC Loco Add -on for the ES44AC Pack01 CSX YN3 to work. So I purchased the BNSF ES44DC Loco Add -on. The ES44AC Pack01 CSX YN3 still didn't work. I deleted the ES44AC Pack01 CSX YN3 folder from Steam, Steam Apps, Common, Railworks, Assets, RSC, and verified cache so as to re-download the folder. The folder appeared again but inside the folder is only ES44AC_Pack01_CSX_YN3 Assets.ap. There were more things inside the folder before I removed it. Inside the folder, according to another download (CT-CSX 911) I would like to use contents from this folder, should be the following:

"Bogies", "CommonScripts", "Driver", "Lights", and "Simulation" folders. These were never all there (may be because I didn't have the BNSF ES44DC Pack 01)

Before I deleted the Railworks RSC ES44AC Pack01 CSX YN3 folder, inside the folder were Audio, InputMappers, RailVehicles folders, Blueprint.pak and ES44AC_Pack01_CSX_YN3 Assets.ap.

After verifying cache, all I see is ES44AC_Pack01_CSX_YN3 Assets.ap. inside the Railworks RSC ES44AC Pack01 CSX YN3 folder.

What can I do to get the ES44AC CSX YN3's to work and what exactly should be inside the folder? I did backup the folder before I deleted it, but just troubleshooting.