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Thread: Couplers For A Freight Car

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    Default Couplers For A Freight Car

    Got my first freight car designed and a shape file made, have not done a blueprint yet.

    A questions about the couplers. I got my two couplers made. On coupled on uncoupled. Using 3dc to make the shape files and need to what category to select in the Train Simulator Wizard. My options are: Rail Network. (reasonably sure it's not that one) Rail Vehicle, or Scenery. If Rail Vehicle, I gather I select Freight Car?


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    I don't know the Train Simulator Wizard program, but I can provide some general info.

    - generate an .igs file for each coupling shape ( coupled and uncoupled )

    - in the Railworks BlueprintEditor, create a Coupling Blueprint usually put in RailVehicles\Couplings

    - reference that Coupling Blueprint in your freight car's Wagon Blueprint.

    See Kuju\RailSimulatorUS\RailVehicles\Couplings as an example.


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