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Thread: US Tanker car and other freight car leasing companies

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    Default US Tanker car and other freight car leasing companies

    Apart from UTLX which US Tanker car and other freight car leasing companies have been around since the 1940's? Obviously I've Googled this but so far I've failed to find a site that has a complete history? Not expecting anyone to do my surfing for me but if anyone knows of any comprehensive site links I'd appreciate the links

    My main interest is in what was in use, and where during the period 1945-1975. Obviously the file library is full of tanker cars but knowing what ran where and when is what I'm after.

    Also did pre-WWII tank cars stay in operation long after 1945? ....and if not was there a specific reason?

    Thanks in advance for any help.
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    GATX is another big tank car leaser, along with the many petroleum companies that own tank cars over the years.

    The big change in tank car design was in the 1960s, where cars with the frame as the structural element were replaced by tankcars with the tank as the structural element, the DOT-111 standard as it's better known.

    Frame-based tank cars, with a few exceptions, disappeared after the DOT-111 standard was introduced.

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    By 1980, frame based tank cars were uncommon. I've got a 1986 in-service picture but that is about as late as they go.

    In WWII, every tank car in existence was pressed into service in order to avoid shipping crude oil by ship (being that the Germans were torpedoing with uboats). After WWII, that traffic went back to ship and trucks started to make serious inroads in the refinery to heating oil dealer market. Some old tank cars were sold by the lessors to freight railroads to use for diesel fuel.

    The ICC-111 standard (predecessor to the DOT-111) has actually been around since at least 1957.


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