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    Hello I am Steve Church and new to the forum and wondered if they have Milwaukee Road SD 40-2's in billboard lettering,MP15AC's bay window cabooses other Milwaukee Road rolling and can you get Griswold EM Gate Pedestal Mount Crossing Gates with wishbone gate arms,searchlight signals poles and a swing truss drawbridge like the one in Sabula,Ia and the high bridge like Madrid,Ia had for the Milwaukee Road and king post and queen post truss bridges I have photos i can send thanks,Steve

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    Hi Steve, welcome

    You should check out trainsimulations set:
    And the Milwaukee Road set here:
    I believe some is available here too:

    There is a lot in the file library, but the file library search engine isn't the greatest. Searching for "Milwaukee" isn't going to return all the Milwaukee results and will give different results than searching one section. It is worth your while to browse through each section.

    Bay windows were done, I can tell you that. Pretty sure the MP15's were as well, but might be from Diesels West?


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    Griswold wishbone gates are recently available (I think I uploaded them a couple weeks ago). I also made a CCOR set of signal rules (MILW was a CCOR road) using horizontal colorlights, but a searchlight version could be done (US&S, I presume?)

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