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Thread: Milwaukee Road Iowa and Illinois Division Route

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    Nice Stadium!

    Thanks, Steve!

    Christopher Tarana

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    Work is progressing on the Milwaukee Road Iowa*Illinois Division route for T:ANE my friend has gotten Persia,Ia done and is continuing to progressing the track will have limestone ballast and that is not noted in the photos but is being changed.milwaukee road iowa-illinois division underwood,ia wch crossing signal with gate.jpgmilwaukee road iowa-illinois division griswold signal.jpg109520282_2797161487194235_6711090921976697720_n.jpg109935951_724797678354459_1680911533124715421_n.jpg

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    I have another photo I am attaching for the Milwaukee Road Iowa-Illinois Division from Omaha to Bensenville and maybe to Chicago.I will have another photo later today or tomorrow.milwaukee road iowa-illinois division council bluufs,ia jack links.jpg

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    I have the Cargill photo I am uploading from Council Bluffs the route is coming along nicely.milwaukee road iowa-illinois division council bluffs,ia cargill.jpg

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    I have another photo I am sending on the progress of the Iowa-Illinois Division of the route for Trainz A New Era It is a Union Pacific MP 15AC or MP 15DC in Omaha switching.union pacific mp15ac milwaukee road iowa-illinois division 11 omaha,ne.jpgI will send more photos and route progress this is going to be a fun route.

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    I have not been able to update everyone ,on the progress of the Milwaukee Road, Iowa-Illinois Division route, since we had a power outage, and no internet,cable or phone for over a week, so I am going to update everyone ,on the progress ,Perry is going to have a 15 track yard it is 5 tracks now,Madrid will have the high bridge from before the 1973 high bridge was put in,Sabula will have the swing truss drawbridge so after all this is done then my friend will start with Savanna,Il and the yard which is huge and move on east thru Illinois.milwaukee road iowa-illinois division madrid,ia high bridge in progress 1.jpgmilwaukee road iowa-illinois division perry,yard.jpgmilwaukee road iowa-illinois division swing truss drawbridge sabula,ia in progress 1.jpgmilwaukee road iowa-illinois division sabula,ia swing truss drawbridge in progress 1.jpgmilwaukee road iowa-illinois division oscar meyer plant perry,iowa.jpg I will keep everyone updated

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    The Sabula swing truss drawbridge is coming along nicely Perry yard is being worked on,Savanna yard will be next as my friend gets ready to do Savanna and begin doing the Milwaukee road on the Illinois side.Signaling will be the last thing done with the route after everything is done and looks right I have a photo of the bridge and will have photo of the Perry yard Madrid high bridge and overpass bridge is looking great.milwaukee road iowa division sabula,ia swing truss drawbridge 1.jpg

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    I have one more photo to share today the progress of the Perry yard in Perry,Iowamilwaukee road iowa division perry yard.jpg once Perry,Madrid and Sabula are done then my friend is going to start with the Savanna yard and work from Savanna,Il toward the east towards Chicago,Il

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    I have another update on the Milwaukee Road Iowa-Illinois Division there is another photo of the Sabula swing truss drawbridge that is being worked on now.milwaukee road iowa division sabula swing truss drawbridge 2.jpg after the drawbridge is done work will be done with Perry,Marion and Tama so the Iowa side can be finished and the Illinois side can be worked on starting with the double yard in Savanna and working east toward the huge yard and hump yard in Bensenville and then to Chicago. I will have more updates when I get them.

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